Two Publications

2017 has been a busy year, both on the (backyard) farm and at the writer's desk. I've had two (ok, really 3) publications this year, starting with my short story, "Salmon Upstream," which appeared this summer in Taddle Creek's Canada Issue. The issue features writers from every corner of Canada, and I was asked to represent Nova Scotia <3 <3 <3. "Salmon Upstream," about skateboarders in New Waterford, is available online for your reading pleasure.

I also published my first ever farm-related writing in Rural Delivery--a profile on Blue Pearl Farms, an organic blueberry farm in Strathlorne, Cape Breton, and a short feature on the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-operative. The articles are only available in print (in the November issue of RD), but it's very much worth subscribing to RD, an Atlantic Canadian magazine with a focus on farming, rural life, and communities.