Egg Inside an Egg!

On Wednesday, March 1, (Ash Wednesday--the beginning of Lent!) something egg-straordinary happened. My speckled Sussex hen, Percy, laid a GIANT egg. We all thought it was a double-yolker but it turned out to be a double-egger! An egg inside an egg. Apparently it's a super rare occurrence: 1 in 1000, once every 7 years, once in a lifetime kinda thing.

You can watch a video of me cracking it open here.

Our local newspaper, The Cape Breton Post, thought this was quite an egg-ceptional story, too! Front page news!

Some photos of the mythic, magic egg, below, as well as a picture of me holding Percy, my hero hen (with bonus Maddie!). We ate the egg(s) with some leeks and onions I pulled from the garden. 


Urban Chicken Defender

I raise chickens in my backyard in New Waterford. Even though New Waterford is bordered by an ocean, it's technically urban, which means my chickens are, too. For the most part, my neighbours have been pretty happy--or at least very curious--about my chickens. But some people at the other end of town are not as happy about their neighbours raising chickens, and they contacted the media to complain. Well, I think chickens are great--not only do they provide me with eggs, meat, poop for my garden, and hours of enjoyment, they helped me through the depression I suffered after I had to quit my shitty job when things there took a turn for the worse. So I decided to contact the CBC to tell a more positive story about backyard chickens...and became an "urban chicken defender" in the process.

Take a listen to my interview with CBC--you'll even hear my rooster, Slim Charles's, opinion, too (that's the handsome fellow on the left).

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