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Quill & Quire Fall Preview

High-Water Mark is mentioned in Quill and Quire's fall preview--and just 4 paragraphs under the new Alice Munro!

The World at Six

After Alice Munro's Nobel win, CBC's The World at Six did a segment on Canadian short story writers and I was mentioned!

I finally got a hold of the clip. Enjoy!

CBC Interview about Alistair MacLeod

I was asked to share a couple of stories about Alistair MacLeod for CBC Cape Breton's Information Morning. The segment aired this morning (April 25) and I remembered to record it. Yup. I had a scotch with Alistair MacLeod. Here's the story!


Nine is my favourite number! Which is only one reason why I was so stoked when Steven Beattie wrote about my story, "Saudade," for his 31 Days of Stories series. 

All of Dixon’s writing contains a strong feminist streak, and here she has built into her story its very own version of the Bechdel Test. “Sabine didn’t act like women acted at parties,” Dixon writes, “didn’t hate Ingrid just because Ingrid had expressed an opinion which was outside of the things women were supposed to talk about.”

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