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"Dixon is uninterested in the kind of lyrical historical romance that was, for some time, the default CanLit setting. Her stories are abrasive and direct, marrying a fierce intelligence with a febrile style that refuses to shy away from profanity or explicit sex. There is a toughness to these stories that testifies to a refreshing honesty, a refusal on Dixon's part to paper over the more nettlesome aspects of her material, opting rather to face it head-on in all its painful messiness. High-Water Mark is kitchen-sink realism filtered through a storm-tossed East Coast sensibility. And it is chock full of allusiveness and implication."

—Steven Beattie, The National Post


"In her short story collection, High-Water Mark, East Coast writer Nicole Dixon reflects an understanding of the human condition — especially how ridiculous we can be when confronted with the crazy dramas of our lives."

—Jennifer Hunter, The Toronto Star


"In this fine collection of stories, characters often stumble upon what they’re actually looking for amid the flotsam and jetsam left by the receding dreams and washed-up hopes of not only their own lives, but all those around them. Winner of ForeWord’s quarterly contest for debut fiction authors, Nicole Dixon's High-Water Mark takes on Alice Munro territory—not just in the geographical setting of Canada, but also in the thematic sense of secrets rattling around like something loose on a car. But with a little more kink. And more edge."

—Trina Carter, ForeWord Reviews


"This complex story is told by fully individuated characters who speak clearly in their own voices. The vivid sense of place arises from the events, the dialogue, and the careful selection and succinct treatment of telling details. The author’s command of her craft inspires the reader’s confidence: we are in good hands; we will be led to a new place, a new insight into the human condition."

—Bronwen Wallace Award jury (Mark Anthony Jarman, Sabine Campbell and Laurel Boone) speaking of the story "High-Water Mark"


"And I loved Nicole Dixon’s 'High-Water Mark' for how the smart-ass narrator single-handedly saves the story from melodrama with the power of her voice. Cancer, dead dads and dead babies — and I laughed? That’s some feat."

—Caroline Adderson, Journey Prize Stories 19 juror and author of The Sky is Falling and Bad Imaginings