1.5 Years

A lot can happen in 1.5 years. Here's a quick summary:
1. Worked and finished working for a Nova Scotia public online school. They cut a teacher and that teacher was me. Fuck you! Karma is getting them already. Online education is growing and they are shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. Duh! Soon you will be nothing!
2. Started working for VHS (Ontario), an online PRIVATE school. Private's the way to go. Fuck public money. Fuck waiting for handouts. Except for EI. EI's my money anyway.
3. Went on EI. Great for the writing!
4. Wrote like crazy. Have a manuscript! Fuck teaching!
5. Started my first garden! Gardening rocks. Beautiful:

6. Am also doing some correspondence marking for the NS government. Pay's ok. Wish it was more often.
7. Moved to Church Point, NS for a year. Land of Acadians. Thought about taking some French courses to be a better teacher, then realized I hate the public education system. Moved back home to Advocate. Bye bye Church Pit! Was some pretty there though:

8. The Professor got a job at Dalhousie U in Halifax! Us pokes ares gonna be big citying all over Halifax. In the south end no less. We done coming ups we ares!! Just for a year though. Maybe more. I'm sure we'll be back in the Adv, getting yelled at by locals. Collecting the dole or some form of the dole. Just like the locals. Next we'll be selling our bikes for ATVs so we can redneck in the clearcut.
9. Didn't have kids. Hooray! Kids suck. Except 10% of my students. The smart ones. The ones who want to learn. The ones who don't plagiarize. I know who you are.
10. Ate half a local sausage. First meat to pass these lips in five years. Still consider myself a vegetarian, aka "asshole" to meat-eaters.
11. Lost more faith in humanity. We are doomed.