Canadian Federal Leaders' Debate Drinking Game

This Thursday, October 2, from 10 pm - 12 am (ADT), the federal leaders of all parties (yes, even the Green Party!) will hold their televised leaders' debate. Now the debate is quite fun as is, but to make it even more fun, I'm working on a drinking game to accompany the yelling and name-calling. Below is the game so far. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section (the French debate is October 1, but as my French is comme ci comme ça, there's more potential for drunken fun during the English debate).

Federal Leaders’ Debate Drinking Game

Drink every time:
• Jack Layton says “working families.”
• Stephen Harper says “economic crisis.”
• Stephen Harper says “strong leadership.”
• You have no idea what Stéphane Dion just said.
• Someone does a knuckle point (one drink/point)
• Elizabeth May goes over her time limit and gets cut off.
• Harper says “ordinary Canadians.”
• Someone else says THEY are an ordinary Canadian.

Take two drinks if:
• Someone says “gliberal” in reference to the May/Dion deal.
• Harper denies climate change.
• Harper mentions “rich artists” or “art galas.”
• Gilles Duceppe mentions that Quebec should be an independent country.

Finish your drink if:
• Harper smiles (note not grimaces).